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Principal’s Message  

Asto ma sadgamaya
Tamso ma jyotirgamaya
Mrityorma amritamgamaya
Om shanti shanti shantihi
Today we live in an exponential world where everything is changing rapidly. There is a mad rush and mindless pursuit of goals and ambitions driven by consumerism to such an extent that the value and purpose of human existence has taken a back seat. The youth today is falling victim to maladies because of ignorance of the ‘self’.  This can only be corrected if education enfolds values that result in being morally upright and intellectually well-developed.  The purpose of education is not to create job seekers but character building. The social scenario calls for a pressing need for value based education and that’s where DAV comes in. DAV is not a school, it is a way of Life.
 Based on Vedic philosophy of life it enfolds ten principals of leading a chaste and pure life which is the bottom requirement for joy and peace within and the society.  DAV Schools, all over India are a symbol of modernization with tradition which grooms them for a better tomorrow with spiritualism of the orient and pragmatism of the west.
It is a matter of great pride to be part of DAV SJVN  Duttnagar as it’s a unique opportunity to serve humanity by shaping their characters and personalities based on Vedic values which is the need of the hour. DAV Duttnagar endeavors to focus on empowering our students through holistic education,  not only in the domain of scholarly pursuits but also in grooming them in such a manner that they become key players on the global stage and at the same time retain the traditional core values that set them apart from the rest. The latent talent is brought to the fore through various activities and opportunities that provide immense exposure to our students. Learning here is fun. We nurture human skills, inculcate techno vision, sensitize towards social and environmental concerns and infuse global outlook that grooms them for a better tomorrow with a positive mind set and self esteem.
We have a wonderful team of highly dedicated teachers who  relentlessly drive themselves for empowering and igniting the young minds with the sole aim to transform each one of them into an ‘Arya”, which means an ideal human being.  I invite the young minds to join experience DAV and let its learning become a way of life!
Best Wishes.

Dr. Mukta Chauhan

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Tehsil Rampur, Distt-Shimla,
Himachal Pradesh-172001
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